Interactive, Motion and Graphic Design by Pixelface


Rosey Award of Merit 2011: Category Mobile advertising (includes branded applications & ads)
Rosey Honor (no award) 2011 Lulu's Chocolate 3rd place out of 600 in popular vote for all categories
Adobe Site of the Day Award for Voices of the Armory
Adobe Site of the Day Award for project Shizen
Adobe Site of the Day Award for project Sakura
Communication Arts Web Pick of the Week for project Sakura
Communication Arts Branding Exhibit project Lulu's Chocolate
Recognized in Architectural Record October 2003 for Jumptown Building Project
Winner, best of year 1997, of society for technical communication for the HpGo Quicksales intranet

Software Ui Design

iPhone branding / ui design
GeoTrust, Trustadvisor
GeoTrust, TrustWatch
Nature Interface 8bit design
User Interface Random (pdf sample)
Apple's Final Cut Pro

Motion Design

HTML5 animation
Interactive Motion Design
Broadcast Motion Design
Animated ID Flash Bumper
Info - Mercial Video
Open Text Interview
Disney 2002 Press CD-Rom
SoMA 2001
Key Frames and Stills
Apple's Final Cut Pro

Web Design and Development

*new (top) to old (bottom)

Za Zen
Intel 2012
LuLu's Chocolate 2010-2014
Sparks Baughman
Inner Dialogue
Elements Glass
The Sakura Group
Sakura Urban Concepts
Voices of the Armory
Lulu's Chocolate 2007 - 2010
Web User Interface
Mckenzie Worldwide
3 Phases Energy
Modern Alloys
SoMA 2001
David Schlicker
Willamette Week site 1997-2000
PBS Lower Eastside Tenement Museum 1996
PBS Bucky Fuller website circa 1995

Information Design

Natural Messaging Interactions

Interactive Games

Intel Home Network Mystery
PBS Nature Series Interactive 1996

ID Branding

Sustainable Chocolate Packaging
ID and Print Collateral

3D Design

Invent and Build

Copy Writing

ACM Siggraph 98